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Old 01-26-2012, 04:58 AM
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can't login, getting timed out...

trying router restart now but i highly doubt this will solve anything as i can access all other sites just as quickly as always...

router reset yielded no results as i expected it wouldn't, it also times out on trying to create a new account, wanted to see if it would at least tell me the key had been used again which would at least indicate some response from the server but it just times out also...

NOTHING else is using my connection either as i disabled all connections but this one in the router setup..

suggestion: quick hotfix to increase the timeout timer on the client? it only seems to wait like 10-15 seconds, it should really try for at least 30-45..

(btw i've been playing for days with no issues logging in, thought i should mention that since everyone seems to think me posting here means i've never played)

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