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Old 01-26-2012, 04:29 AM
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Default Unit overview from town.

So, i have so many workers now that when i select them all, they don't all show up so now i officially have no clue what all my workers are tasked to.

I found this troublesome, then i noticed on the map when you create an army you can switch to your workers and you get a much different display that is 2 fold better than the display you get in town..

my question is this, couldn't you make the worker and unit displays the same in town as they are in the create army menu? OR instead of changing this mechanic, just add a button in town to bring up the create army menu from the main map without having to switch to main map? with the change that selecting them wouldn't add to an army but instead add them to the selection queue?

IE: you'd open th menu, it'd give you stacked units, you'd click archer, archer, soldier, cavalry, and those units would then be selected to issue commands to. Or you'd select task stacks... gold gold gold stone gather, and then those 5 units could be retasked to butchery... etc

Really it would be nice to be able to do it from town menu anyways..

so you say why not just go to the main map? here's why, because i'd like the ability to see what all my workers are doing, select a certain stack tasked to say butchery, and reroute JUST THOSE units to task on something else... on the main map all you can do is set them to an army, i want that same main map menu with the ability to select certain stacks, this would apply to army units as well, allowing you to select just your archers so you could send them to a certain spot, while sending cavalry to another, without having to separate them all out and assign numbers.

Instead of showing each worker, it would show the stacks with the numbers depending on their task, on military units it would group by type and show the stacks..

ALSO a hotkey to crop units would be nice, i know if you hold shift and click it exludes that unit, but it would be nice to have a hotkey that would INCLUDE that unit.

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