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Old 05-26-2008, 04:08 PM
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Originally Posted by fecility View Post
hello , i'm new to this forum.
i'm looking forward to this game.
annyway , i have a few questions

1. can there be created more towns on 1 cd-key? (like you can create several accounts).
2. can we reserve names for our towns?
3. can we create our own logo or choose one for your army, flags etc.?
4. i will have to begin all over when my city has been destroyed?
5. are there magicans :P?
1. Yes, you can make several stronghold lordships of any of the sides. The second the game is released and I get online, Im making my Desert Orc stronghold of the Realm of Gokkhelm, and a Human Mountainius stronghold of Southmont, the capitol of Teria.

2. You have to name each and every stronghold without numbers. (no strongholds named something like "3Zy$*!49". Lol.)

3. Not currently, but that is a good suggestion and may very well be implemented

4. Not fully sure, things may change, but no you won’t have to completely rebuild your lordship after being defeated, if you’re a higher level and a pro player, the game should keep you in the loop. Kon or Ryan will have to confirm.

5. Yes there will be magic, and there will be wizards and such.
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