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Old 01-25-2012, 10:05 AM
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hmm free to play...
i hate free to play
its like the dirty blister of the games industry

what i think this game needs most = polish
the concept is awesome but the game itself is not very user friendly at the moment due its many bugs
if the dev's refine the game further and put it on steam / get some publicity it could get plenty of sales
iv it wasn't for the fact i read massively... i wouldn't even have known this game exists

now about pvp
i barely ever pvp... cuz it lags and its glitchy...
i get challenged for pvp all the time, i just ignored it and it goes away
you loose some resources.... but well once your done building your castle you don't need them anyways
and if you do need your resources... you wont have any for pvpers to steal cuz you would be using them
i dont see any need at all to change pvp as it is
actually i think they should add more to it

this is a game for real men :P *****'s should go play age of empire online
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