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Old 01-25-2012, 08:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Doeetright View Post
I don't think dragons should die permanently because let's face it Royals cost 10$ per. That can get a little steep if it becomes a PVP requirement to have a full dragon army.

I think a BETTER solution, is to make a dragon pop cap per PvP battle. Say like every battle you enter you're only allowed to take that 1 dragon. The problem with that is it would limit income a bit on your end. But it would save player misery from feeling like they have to have a full dragon army or they wouldn't be able to compete, (And then of course paying 10$ per dragon if something terrible happens and all 3/4 die)

EDIT: And if you guys really go the dragons will die method, then I STILL think it'd be a good idea to create a dragon pop cap. Let's face it, no one really likes spending 30-40$ a day on a video game.
the solution to your problem is to not abuse dragons.Dragons are already too strong because of the fireball. that ability is accurate and at lvl 1 it does same damage as a lvl 60. fireball well placed can kill a batallion with a hit. now the problem is even bigger during sieges since archers/trebs can't reach the dragon's fireball range. This is also a big problem since dragons are naturally strong toward archers unless the person is just rushing toward 60 archer batallions. So yes dragons should die even if they cost money. Why?because after a while you'll want to switch batallions but because you have too many you won't be able. trust me,we faced this problem when dragons were immortals.
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