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Old 01-25-2012, 12:20 AM
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There is no Game Mechanic to Show other Players Armys or to Limit Sight of Armys
And Due to the Map Size which is very Small it would be a terrible Mess to see other Peoples Armys Walk on the Map
All Citys are Currently Build in one Spot on each Region
so you cant really make em Show up to other Players since you would need to show 100 Citys on 9 Spots in total
Finally you are choosing your Region and theres nothing so special in the Regions
so a Seperation of PvE and PvP Region is Hardly Possible
since each Player would have different Regions for PvE and PvP
also due to the small map this would also become about Impossible to seperate

As a sidenote Attacking an Offline Player is Impossible Right now and wont ever be possible since it is an Real Time Tactical Game that makes an Fight with just 1 Player pretty much Impossible as the other would need to be played by AI or not at all making the Fight extremly onesided as you would either use a very strong AI making it an good fight option
or making it an weak AI having people losing Armys and be annoyed

So this is also not an option actually

Greetz Sun
ps dont get me wrong
your system aint all that bad
but for this Game its simply not matching Picture
your System is the type used in Round Based Long Time MMOs like Ogame or The West or Evony where a Tactic can be devised before the Fight and were you have Maps that take Days and Weeks to travel
its nothing that is applicable to an Real Time MMO Tactic Game were you cant define a Tactic beforehand and in which you can travel the whole map within half an hour
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