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Old 01-24-2012, 08:11 AM
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I've discussed a little bit about that matter with Chinchy in the chat today and I'd propose some variations to its model since we both agree that overcrowding would still be a problem that could cause visibility problem on the world map :

This is the way I'm thinking about this :

You should have as Chinchy said " relatively safe zones" where PvP keeps the same way to work than right now (+/- 10% army value, random encounters, etc...) and with in NPC cities are the same as well. You can siege them but not take them. The players would have their city in them.
To sum things up, they would run excatly as the game now runs.

On the other hand, you would have "PvP zones" within which PvP is free (i.e. no army value thing) and most important of all, NPC towns can be taken. This would imply than only its owner/owner alliance's members would access to its services. Maybe adding 1-2 NPC towns slots which can be customized would be nice too. Rewarding the city's owner/alliance with wealth could be nice, even though it would be sad to reward them so much then can't be beaten by anyone else. This would request in siege system (allows several players to choose a target, make sieging impossible when already sieged, maybe timed attacks to make easier to defender to gather troups, etc...) that I don't know if it's easy to create, so here's just a suggestion.

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