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Originally Posted by ki adi mundi View Post
were is the cheapest place you can buy a product key for this ive already got the cds just lost my key need a new one
its in your box since u already bought it (you have cd's) and i already told you how to get one back

also your reasons vary yet you never seem to try to get it back

"i lost my cd code and i had to wipe my comp because of a virus it had does this mean i have to buy game again?"

you bought it retail you said since you have cd's yet this excuse says u lost your code from formatting (useless against viruses like i said) so once again and final time your first reason means you have retail and the code is in the box if u somehow lost the code (wtf) then take a photo and put it online then post it here but your other one means you bought it online so i don't know what you're trying to pull here
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