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Old 01-23-2012, 01:44 PM
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i watched a anime once about a world were the digital world and real world over lapsed
you would put on a pair of glasses and see the world trough a whole new perspective
actually iv seen 2 anime's who used that same concept
imagine all the new space to put down billboards

and about the whole american revolution
you gotta have 1 hell of a trigger to set that off..
a trigger which angers the entire country enough about its government to decide to pick up weapons
good luck with that

and about piracy... well i think its good
keeps the games industry healthy (not that its anywhere near healthy atm...)
good games will sell with our without piracy
and games which have nothing to offer.... well people will pirate it instead cuz.. not everyone has endless pockets of money

maybe instead of crying... people should just accept that when you make something digital... people will copy it .. that's just the nature of the digital world...
the days of hand to hand trade are in the past... welcome to the digital age....
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