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Old 01-22-2012, 04:42 PM
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Well then how about this

Make the Building a Large Arena
with one Pad on each Side

The Player places 1 Unit on each Pad
And then Presses the Button for the Fight (one for each Option)

Upon Pressing the Units will be removed from the Player and will given to two different NPC Players which are enemy with each other but Friendly with the Player
means they will Attack each other and thus move into Arena without any extra scripting

I am just a Modder so I am not able to Programm myself
but by now I think I am at least able to Discern Possibilitys of a Game

The Codes for changing control of a Unit is already there since I saw it in Quests
and theres also NPC Players with different relations so this is also already in the Game
And Triggers for Units being in a Certain place are also used alot
so the missing thing would be the Building and the Buttons to have a Player Call the Script
Which is beyond me
but I dont doubt you guys can do that :P

Once one Unit Reaches the Set Point of Health Both Units will receive Stop Order and will be Placed in the Players Control again

even tough that will require that the System Identifys the Units
but that should be possible since the Script can be told to Designate the Unit on the Pad at the moment a Player presses the Button

Well I guess its something a Programmer should think about :P
My Comments are most likely missing more then half of the required steps anyways ^^
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