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What I mean is some Unit like your Hero

A Single Person

Human Elv or Orc (maybe Dwarf or Nordic Barbar)

Which is like your Hero a Unit that has about 5 times the Health of a Squad but only a Quarter of a Squads Attack Power (Means he can take down a Squad by himself if Equal in level and not faced with Grandmaster or Knights which are specialiced for close Combat or if faced by an Melee Unit Supported by an Archer)

But he will have Abilitys like Battle Cry
increasing Damage of All Units around him
or Mass Heal healing all Units around him
or War Horn Scaring enemys Around him

Maybe could also work as Passiv Aura which makes Units Stronger just by being near him
could also be a Wizard having a Fireball abilitys but being Dead if forced to fight one Squad Close Combat

The Idea is to get Special Units which Increase your Whole Army Effectiveness instead of being Solo Powerhorses like a Dragon is

Maybe an Archer that can do half of the Damage a Whole Squad does while having halv of the whole Squads Hit Points
but making other Archers near him Fire Faster

An Guy with a Great Halberd which can Easily Take Down Cavalry Units with some Area Effect Ability
but will be Dead if faced with a Band of Knights or under Fire of Archers

A Berserker Dwarf with his Battle Axe being a Close Combat Expert Slaying even Knights easily and Weakening Enemys in range of him so they do less Damage
but not Dealing and taking all that much damage himself making him vulnearble unless surrounded by Heavy Infantry to Protect him

Such stuff is meant
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