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Old 01-22-2012, 08:17 AM
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The Idea is exactly to not have Super Units
means not a Big Dragon worth 15 points
but a Strong Battle Master worth 1 Point

Being at the Strengh of about the Hero
which means that he is actually weaker than most Squads at Same lvl
but will have abilitys to make Squads around him Fight Better and Heal

Right now its like you saw
guys go around with only Dragons and stuff since those are Super Strong
I want a Mix of Mass and Super Units
means small Guys with high Abilitys not costing much Manpower and increasing Battle Abilitys of the Normal Units
using Battle Cry, Mass Healing, Whirlwind and being a Tank usw
depending on the actual Unit

Means if someone would go in with 60 of those guys he would have an Incredible Kill rate since each of his guys would take out 10 of yours
but since you have 20 guys for each of his you would still win high time

best would be matchup of maybe 5 Hero Units each surrounded by 10 Squads of Units
leaving 5 Units for other stuff (Carts Siege Weapons)

something along this line :P
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