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Old 01-22-2012, 07:59 AM
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Default Elite Units

Now then

We have Dragons
We have one Hero

So how about mixing this a Little
How about Adding some Elite Units which can be bought at the Shop but which arent a Squad of Men but one guy
which of course just like a Dragon has some Special Abilitys and will also just like a Dragon Die if being Killed above lvl 10

a Northern Berserker for Example
Having a Big Two Handed Battle Axe
And being about as Strong as the Hero

a Landsknecht (yes I know I am proud to be German so I like to suggest such Units ^^)
Wielding a Big Two Handed Blade

a Knight (maybe looking like the Guy used for Buying Ressources at the Town :P)

Well guess you know what I mean
pls note the Examples are just on my Part
of course if Implemented this should have some Orc Guys and Elven Guys as well
to be offering something for all Players and Races :P
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