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Old 01-22-2012, 07:47 AM
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tbh in the end its all about controlling your civilians
first they made you materialistic
then they made you scared
then they try to control the flow of information

now your a buy obsessed minion who works like madman to be able to afford life its many materials
scared of the world and its many dangers, only told what you need to be told :P
the perfect ant to have in your anthill
as long as capitalism is there you will be manipulated to buy things which can be taxed and for which you can work

but hey who cares... as long as your a happy ant...
freedom on internet is fun... but when they take it away... well after some crying you will get over it and forget
as long as you have the illusion of being free you wont notice your as caged as your pet hamster...

the modern cycle of life... and you thought it was about eat or being eaten ? :P
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