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Old 01-21-2012, 06:01 PM
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well 1 royal is sorta not to bad

but i came across a guy who had 3 of them in a pvp game
he took out all my melee units in a matter of seconds with waves of fireballs
the game Desynced but if it didn't i would have probably barely been able to get close to those 4 dragons and lost most my troops

and on flat ground... those fireballs seem dead accurate and they got a massive area of effect
i didn't use a full army of 60 troops so i dunno if its easy to out smarten a pack of dragons by spreading out and just running in with a mass of fast units
but for someone like me who is quite new to this game it sorta feels like a kick in the teeth to play your first pvp matches against loads of people who all have there personal dragon team
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