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Old 01-21-2012, 04:24 PM
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Default Dragonz

now iv been playing a lil with my royal dragon..
and tbh... im not really liking what im seeing
the fireball ability is my main problem with it
it just so frigging strong
it has super accuracy... hits further then catapults and 1shots whole troops ... and it spreads fire
now i get that a unit which takes 10dollars or allot of farming ingame gota be good but..
aint this overdoing it a lilbit..
and i even read something about dragons getting buffed...

i now understand exactly why dragons need to be killeble... cuz there to good
it ruins the game if players can have 4+ of them they just 1shot all ur troops you worked hard for getting before you can even get into range of them....
i would atleast like to see my troops fight before they die... but vs 4 royal dragons... what am i supposed to do ?
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