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Hello and welcome! On my time off - so I`ll just do a quick round, others can hopefully provide full answers

*Is it possible to declare war to other kingdoms without their consent?
Yes - both with NPC and players
*Will my town be able to view for other players on the world map?
Not yet - but this is the future we plan to add in the near future. A month perhaps.
*is it possible to invade some land in an kingdom and hold up in an small camp or such?
There are army camps which you can take with you even into PvP, I do like a strategy of having a camp while sieging another player stronghold to protect my sieges weapons as the trebuchets destroy walls and towers.
*can you freely design your walls and such in your kingdom?
No, but our designs look beautiful and each region gets a completely unique wall design to a total of 9. In addition you could have up to 3 combinations of palisade wall/stone walls for your town.
*can you build up your own big army and go on an bloodshed for more land?
Yes, but you can`t conquer and hold the land yet (other players won`t like having the town they spend weeks working on gone in a 5 minutes battle)
*Is there any kind of trading economy between the players? not just npc towns.
for example i am an expert at making armors that i can sell to an market which is open for players?
For now just NPC towns. In the near future (again a bout a month I`m guessing) we will add player to player trading. This system will be constantly expanding.
*Is there an leaderboard where you can see who is the wealthiest, strongest players?
This should be in next week in patch 1.2.0
*Can the town you build be expanded far or just within an area?
It is within an area but you get to build a huge stone town with two layers of walls/palisade as well as set-up buildings, villages, farmland e.t.c outside
*Is your kingdom forever saved? or just for an limited time and it will reset again?
Saved forever