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Old 01-21-2012, 10:54 AM
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Default Just bought this game!

I have watched some videos regarding this game, and it got my attention, with the online kingdoms and such, so i have some questions to ask, this world you are playing in, is it possible to have allies or such? and can you show off your kingdom to other? maybe invite them for an celebration?
*Is it possible to declare war to other kingdoms without their consent?
*Will my town be able to view for other players on the world map?
*is it possible to invade some land in an kingdom and hold up in an small camp or such?
*can you freely design your walls and such in your kingdom?
*can you build up your own big army and go on an bloodshed for more land?
*Is there any kind of trading economy between the players? not just npc towns.
for example i am an expert at making armors that i can sell to an market which is open for players?
*Is there an leaderboard where you can see who is the wealthiest, strongest players?
*Can the town you build be expanded far or just within an area?
*Is your kingdom forever saved? or just for an limited time and it will reset again?

Sorry for all these questions but i am currently installing this game, so i am a bit excited for this game, since i been looking for an mmorts with this touch of total war/stronghold theme. so hope to meet ya all ingame!