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Old 01-20-2012, 09:36 AM
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tbh... if they get that ridiculous bill trough... i might gota consider to stop gaming and become a hacker lol

i mean... if there gona censor the internet.... its gona ruin so much gaming stuff its not even funny

for all we know this forum could be censored because someone trash talks starwars the old republic

when i last visited piratebay... the site told my that is gona be censored in my country...
were does it stop ?
all this greed...
if you make something ****... and peeps are copying it because its not worth there money
instead of trying to cry like a lil greedy arsehat maybe you should make something worth buying first....
when u make a game / cd / piece of art / whatever and its absolutely awesome
people will buy it.. to have it.. or show support..
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