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Old 01-19-2012, 04:35 PM
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just wondering do the harder city sieges give some more wealth rewards aswell ?
iv tryed to siege a elf city once ... a fairly big one a rly big one
and for wining id get a amazing 3 wealth
now for a repeatable quest i get about 10...

feels a big odd :P how a super hard siege with me using 60 troops gives 3 wealth and a quest which is so easy i can do it with barely loosing any hp on any of my units at all gives 10

lets just say that i like high risk high reward :P and atm it seems to be the opposite

but that aside, Friends list = Neat Coop = AWMYGOSH AWSOME
if there is 1 thing i enjoy more then playing against a fellow human being it be fighting alongside one i cant w8 to try it out
now ill be off... gotta make some friends now coop is w8ting for me