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Old 01-19-2012, 12:06 PM
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Arrow Patch # 1.1.9 - PREVIEW!

Dear Players,

As the SOPA black-out continues - so is the work on the next major patch. I know the two don`t have any relation - but this is what everyone got on their mind today...Anyway.... as we announced earlier this week - we are taking a break from massive bug fixing and concentrating on some awesome new features, and patch 1.1.9 expected sometimes between Sunday and Wednesday the 25th is a BIG one.

Here`s a brief preview of the BIG new features.

Social Features
From friend lists, ability to send private messages and open private chat channels to full range of friend features, and lets not forget new chat channels - like Help channel.

Play majority of Quests and siege NPC towns with random players or your friends. At the same time we are greatly raising difficulty of some quests and NPC strongholds - so large town like Dagbor would only fall to a team of 2 veteran players with 60 strong armies. We plan to make ALL quests co-op friendly in the following patch.

Dragon Changes
Dragons resurrect only until level 8, and become killable after. Dragon stats are greatly boosted. Level 8+ dead Dragons now give loot in Influence (yes player who slays the Royal Dragon can get 30 influence points)

In addition we are including:
-New awesome worldmap clouds
-PvP protection timer now also counts down in any remote scenarios - and will run out much faster (more PvP targets)
-High resolutions summer textures that great enhance the visuals. This is just a test to be upgraded by even better set of textures down the road.
-Dozen of bug fixes here and there

And as another major announcement - the moment all of our players who suffered from lag have been waiting for - the new pathfinding system takes top priority after the next patch.

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