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Old 01-16-2012, 12:49 PM
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after playing some more i noticed you can do more then just move units trough doors...
i managed to make half a platoon walk trough a palisade wall

i also managed to get about a whole platoon stuck inside a mountain because units ignore unpasseble terrain when there in combat

i couldn't help thinking that these problems + the lag related issues when u move allot of units together are somewhat related somewhere

i dont know if there "gamebreaking"
but they are issues which in many situations frustrate me allot as a player

when your playing a epic pvp battle you wanna be smoothly controlling your army with accuracy
having units getting stuck / not responding / refusing to enter towers / walking ways they shouldn't, and while doing all that your lagging heavily due the many movement commands you issue (cuz every time you move a platoon it starts to pathfind which lags the game for some reason)
it just turns the game into Me fighting with the controls instead of me fighting my enemy

now i dont know if i am the only one with these issues or if its a global problem
and i dont wanna sound like a old nag
but from my point of view as a player this is the main problem i found so far which really feels gamebreaking, it might not crash the game or 1shot armies but it takes away allot of fun i would be having