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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
UPDATE - French Positions have been filled. Looking for a German translator.

Welcome to community Crazyb0b and thanks for the feedback. As you might notice Massively already had our articles and even promos all over their website. And as far as your idea for hero gear sold in the shop - great idea (first time we hear it from a player actually) - and yes we are working on that - basic version of this should be live in a few weeks - as we want to do it right with a lot of options and customization.
I would say selling actual items in the store is a very bad idea. Selling "skins" to items that you can get in the game is a good idea. Unless of course they are purely cosmetic. If so, disregard the next few lines of text.

I have played a lot of f2p/p2p games and people DESPISE actual weapons/armor being sold in a store. It would probably cause you to lose players out of spite of a "pay to win" mentality they would take of the game whereas if you sell a cosmetic "skin" of an item you can get in game would allow people to still spend the same amount of money, but not absolutely hate your company.

Seriously, putting actual weapons/armor in the cash shop will turn your company into Satan in the eyes of 99% of gamers.

edit: Per the conversation on massively, I was talking about a more long term coverage instead of random articles here and there. Getting a position in the "not so massively" would be be a huge marketing boost for this game.

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