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Old 01-14-2012, 02:50 PM
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Psychology says that when people Insult you (in this case as Fanboy)
and then say your wrong because your whatever they entitled you with
they have no more idea of how argue for their case

means you accept that you lost and thus give up on reasoning something that you accept as not reasonable yourself .....

but well lets leave Psychology out of this

so its Fanboy vs Grieferbabys hmm
Well Actually I dont mind that
I am a Fan of this Game

So how about I just return your way of Talking ?

You dont like the Game ?
Then just get lost!!!

If you got nothing constructive to say just keep your trap shut
making Griefer Comments about how bad everything is wont help anyone.....

if I am a Fanboy for Defending the Game
then your a Grieferbaby for Attacking it

dont get this wrong guys
Opinion is something Personal

If you start complaining because you dislike something
you also need to expect that theres people who conter your complains because they like it

And now put your Ears up you little Grieferbabys

You have Ignored any Point that was made
You keep Ignoring the Situation and Only Think about yourself
And you dont even Honor that the CEO of this Game Himself is trying to Console you

Instead you keep Insulting people and rattle on with your babbling like someone just made the World go to Armageddon

If you want to Cry then go to your Mamas Bosom and do it there

People in the Forum cant help you unless you accept help
so dont come here when your not interested in any offers of help to begin with .....

ps I am sorry for being a little direct but some things need to be said straight .....
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