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Old 01-14-2012, 12:20 PM
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Sunleader has good reputation

Found a Company
Programm a Game

and show us how its done mate
after that we talk about Marketing Strategies

Guys dont get this Wrong

You can Paint anything Black

I could also just say your ****ed because you did not get the Game for Free while others did now.
Then Others might complain that they must now Play against people who had 6 months to prepare for them

In the End it doesnt matter

The Game needed Primarily one thing

and they Accomplished that

1000 Game Keys have been given out and Hopefully each of em will tell 1 or 2 friends to buy the Game

As for the Rest
Sorry but you must be Blind

This Game is one of the Best in terms of Development

Most Games ignore Community and Release while Lying it was good
selling Bugs as Features and thus carry em for Years

In this Game I Followed quite Eagerly all Bugs I reportet
and Surprisingly they dissappeared over time

Unlike most Games they are Truly Working on this Game
They do not try to cover up Bugs and they never said the Game has no Bugs

And since you have not Reclamatet your Game
It seems your also not of that Oppinion......

But well thats another Story
Majority of Users is Happy to have new Challenges
And Unfortunately
Minority cant always be protectet

In the Shadow of the Black Cross. We Fullfill our Duty in your Name.
And Look forward to the Day we Return to your side Silvanos.
Watching over our Comrades as they Fullfill their Duty in your Name.