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Old 01-14-2012, 08:53 AM
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If you guys are trying to spread the word about your game more and more, you should start contacting gaming sites like,, etc, etc.

Whenever you have news you want to get out (they may or may not post it) just inform them and you should get a little bit of an article if it is news worthy. If you can release news on a weekly/by-weekly basis you may even be able to get put into's "Not So Massively" column where it reports on different games that are online, but not quite mmos (like LoL, DoTA, HoN, D3, etc). This link is to the most recent "not so massively" column to give you an idea of what it is ( You could start re-releasing the reveals you did with your Fantasy Friday media releases. Have some contests in game (with cash shop currency reward for the winner) for your players to make videos to show one specific aspect of the game (short trailers) and have those sent to them as well.

edit: Also, if you are trying to up your revenue stream, you need to get more customization out asap and sell it in the cash shop. Everyone wants to be different, especially with your heroes. People pay stupid amounts of money on trying to be different in a game.

Release (in game) items that increase your hero's stats. Things like weapons, armors, etc of all different types. Then sell custom "skins" for said items in the cash shop.
Heck, you could even go so far as to put in an upgrading option to make the stats better (think +1- 10 fortifying). Have the upgrade items attainable (to a degree) in game, and sell them in the cash shops as well. Sell items that give you a higher chance of upgrade success or prevent a failure from breaking/downgrading the upgrade level. So many different things that can be done with your cash shop to increase your revenue streams. Cosmetic pets to follow your hero, mounts, etc, etc. I know it would take dev time away from fixing bugs, but it seems you guys are starting to get strapped for cash and need to start doing these things to keep the ball rolling.

Just spit balling some more ideas here. I don't know what your progression table looks like for the game, but at some point you could add the ability to access your keep (think instanced housing) where others could come in and join you. Sell deco items in the cash shop. Customization and options is key to making money with a f2p game.

I haven't played the game since beta, but those things would be huge sellers to almost everyone. I know I for one (once the game is done patching) would pay a good bit of money on those things.

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