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Old 01-12-2012, 04:34 AM
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Default A couple more.

6) Hero losing levels / having his skill points reset - As stated, my L19 hero goes into a quest battle, and I only notice all his skill points have been reset after he's died. After a CTD mid-battle his level resets to 15. I've also had this problem with units. Took four level 4 crossbowmen into a quest battle. At the end one of them is level 3, and one of my L4 swordsmen is 2. The crossbowmen took no casualties, and the swordsmen took a few. Maybe units lose experience with casualties?

7) Tech bonuses not applying properly, or resetting and not activating upon log out - I've noticed this in two instances: pigs resetting to 250 food after a log out and log in, and gradually fattening back up to 300 each time (one of the researched barn techs for increasing food yield from animals), and my home city storage capacity constantly fluctuating between 5850 and 6300, the latter being the bonus i should have with the researched storage improvement tech from the town hall. I suspect that some of my stored resources are simply being discarded from the failure to properly read my max storage capacity. (I'd also love to see tech tooltips specify exactly HOW MUCH they will benefit you, not simply "increases home city storage." Increases home city storage by x%? Yes please.)

8) Quest 'Defending Thy Home' not advancing - quest requires me to have built a wall. Wall complete, quest still marked as incomplete. Maybe it means STONE wall? It doesn't specify.

9) Healing wells not working in winter - this might be intended, and it would make sense if so, but still. Considering winter presumably lasts an entire real-time day, a bit of a harsh penalty on players for the sake of realism?

All I got for now. My nerves are just about shot rolling that boulder uphill only for it to roll back down after each CTD. Thanks for looking, and I hope these help improve the game.

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