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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
Patch is Live

Patch # 1.1.7 C

:::::Major Fixes and Additions:::::
-Fixed common issue of Connection Timed Out bug in PvP matchmaking
-Fixed changing View and tasking using minimap - bug greatly offset the co-ordinates
-Minimum zoom in decreased, max zoom out increased

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
-Add confirmation dialogue to the Unit Discard menu
-Fixed the big with empty Transfer window appearing when clicking on NPC towns
-Disabled exploit with archers gaining free XP from shooting Oil Slicks
-Fixed Ogre techs and balanced the unit`s stats and XP gain
-Polished Human Fire Cat and Oil Traps
-Add Destruct button to Garviola
-Changed the way ranged units gain XP from kills, more balanced now
-Healing Wells and other healing area heal twice as slow now
-Improved victory conditions for Quest with attacking AI homelands
-Fixed Sir Lentoth quest Civil Unrest getting stuck in cinematic
-Fixed Pursuit of the Wizard quest victory condition
-Fixed the bug with building more than one Oil Pots on bastions and positioning
-Low texture quality units will no longer appear in the middle of cinematic scenes
One day i'll see "Pathfinding!" on the patch title. HOPE!!!!!!

"And we are back with another patch ahead of the massive player invasion starting later tonight"

What does that mean?

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