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Old 01-11-2012, 04:21 PM
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Neinth is someone to look uptoNeinth is someone to look upto

Also I'd rather have them work on bugs and hero customization +item crafting if it comes out, rather than tweak heroes.
I agree,many more things that would be considered more important right now than this.

As for the rest,rts's tend to attract more than casual players,we have been waiting on a graphical rts style game for ages now.Even single player games have stopped being done,because average gamer type doesnt want hard.And its not just rts fans either,almost every genre of games available right now,theirs a large portion that want more difficult,stop pampering us and handing everything out on a silver platter.

If theres not an aspect of "loss" theres no sense of victory.No accomplishment.Goals mean nothing,pvp nothing,allaince nothing,no one loses anything so it has no value.

I like this game,I like what it could be.It may start an entire off-shoot of actual rts mmo's that are not done in browsers or have insane cash shops where money wins.Right now,in games current state,we,as players have a vioce in what we want to see.i suggest you ask yourself what got you here to start with.Obviosly something in other games wasnt doing it for you.
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