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Old 01-11-2012, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
Hello and welcome to DoF!

4) I like your idea about adding a unique flag to the hero - might work out really well actually, I`ll run this by the scritpers. Meanwhile my advise is to make use of the automatically created unit groups in the top-left corner of the screen. Double clicking on them centers view on the unit - and is great for locating and controlling your hero.

5) If you mouse over resources income rate (for example under Food counter, you`ll notice something like +1.5) it`ll provide that information - how much livestock, peasants, buildings e.t.c are adding per minute. But seeing how you haven`t been able to locate this on your own - this gives me an idea to make this pop-up display if player mouse-overs anywhere near the resource counter.
Thanks for the reply! As for the CTD objection, I fooled around a bit more and, while I did run into CTDs, I tried to log out and back in after significant checkpoints as this seemed to 'save' my progress. Maybe having the game take a snapshot of all the player's progress every so often and use that as a backup, like an autosave? An idea.

Thanks for the hero tip, too. I hadn't fully explored the nooks of the UI before I posted - my fault - but that largely works around my issue with the hero being lost, though I'd still love to see you guys work a banner or some options for making the hero stand out a bit more later on. Ditto for the mouseover. I could have sworn the mouseover details weren't coming up in my orc game, but sure enough there they were when I started a human one.

Again, cheers for replying; it's very ecouraging to see devs respond to player concerns so directly, and I'm going to be following the further development of this fine game with considerable interest.