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Old 01-11-2012, 02:08 PM
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Neinth is someone to look uptoNeinth is someone to look upto

3) crash wiping unit/hero experience but not quest progress - this is the biggest one. I could have lived with the annoyance of having to log out every time one of my units felt like bugging out and being totally idle, but this is the show stopper. Upon a CTD, all the xp i had accumulated from combat would be wiped and my units busted down a few levels, while the quest progress wouldn't be. The most recent example of this is trying to do the orc giant wolf monster quest. All my units and hero gain a ton of experience levels, game crashes. I load it up again, units and hero are at their xp level from before having done the quest, while it counts as completed once I speak to the chief or whatever he is. Nothing is quite so maddeningly frustrating as losing all my progress, and it makes the game quite simply unplayable. I don't want the loss of all my progress due to a CTD looming over me while I play, and I won't until this is fixed.
Think this is 2 bugs at once,should try and figure out whats causeing you to crash first.