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Old 01-10-2012, 07:42 PM
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Neinth is someone to look uptoNeinth is someone to look upto

I dont think anyone wants to give up their dragons tbh.In the short view,it sucks,in the long run though,its gonna have to happen.Best to do it now,and move on and adjust,than to wait around knowing something is gonna have to change.

No matter what happens,got a feeling dragons will be a point of contention for entire time this games servers are running.

Meh let em respawn,their gonna get nerfed till their useless and are indeed vanity items

Kill em off,they will indeed become a rare site in pvp I'd imagine,will only see some rather high lvl ones if you do see em.

I liked the wealth per dragon killed,think that could be interesting way to do things,but a royale at ten bucks,not so sure to many people gonna roll with that.Also brings in current value of wealth.Someone like me can make 120 wealth in one day,yes I have no life.

I'd still think best comprimise is revive n pve,kill in pvp.

add a limit to the pop cap you can support,10% is 39,20 would be....higher hehehe really though 78,thing is stop giving us dragons for promo's we like it to much and wanna keep em lmao.TBH i think this may be where the real issue is.

I can get a royale or a red or a green any ole day of the week.But how am I supposed to show that noob my awsomeness without a Haunter or an Ice to pwn them with?

Personally,this is one of those topics i dont think anyones gonna "win" I say,you devs get toghether,decide whats gonna happen,let us know so we can rage on you for a while then come sulking back begging for mercy.Is the simplest and best solution to this,no matter what you do,someones not gonna like it,and this topic will never die.Its nice your getting our input as players,but dragons can be your bread and butter,letting use decide what happens to them isnt gonna help you guys out any.And honestly,I dont think its gonna help us any.If anything its going to start a spiral into dwarfs not dieing,then i'm tired of my worker units dieing,then unicorns are magical beasts,and my towns wishing well is actually the lost fountian of youth.

Make em die,cut their cost in half,give em a mini assault rifle and have them shoot laser beams from their arse.

You guys tell me whats gonna happen to Mr. Beefcakes,and I'll support it,I might not like it,but I'll get over and move on.As will everyone else.And if they dont,well hopefuly Mr. Beefcakes or one of his offspring will be able to show them the light.

One last time,just to make sure my points well taken,in this matter,screw the players,you give us what you intended these dragons to be.If what they where intended is overpowered or under powered,it can be fixed,while staying to what you had intended to start with.You should do this now,get this over with,before you end up with 10,000 players with 60,000 immortal dragons rageing on you for making their dragons die.

I leave you with some famous words of a well known dragon:

Draco: My time is over! Strike!
Bowen: You are my friend.
Draco: Then as my friend, STRIKE, PLEASE!
See, the dragons will understand,they long for death,but they fear it as well ,for upon death,a dragon loses his soul.........(their souls are made of wealth)
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