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Feel free to name the VARIOUS mmos "edit: i have played many mmo's like sunshine were it is perma death" you have played that have PERMADEATH.

"Hero can be used for questing and playing alone and hope in the future doing quests with youre friends."

And so..during your questing - someone pvps you- oh no!!! payout or risk losing ur lvl50+ hero.

"What's wrong with payout?"

Someone people "new people" don't have the money or can't AFFORD to pay others out. That's the problem.

For your sake Knight, i'll do the work for you by simply going on WIKI

"Multiplayer games currently featuring permanent death
Diablo 2 allows players to create a 'hardcore' character with only one life.
Diablo 3 will also feature a 'hardcore' mode.
Minecraft allows players to play in 'hardcore' game mode.
Terraria allows players to create a 'hardcore' character with only one life.
Din's Curse has 'hardcore' mode and multiplayer
Sacred 2 features a hardcore mode for singleplayer as well as multiplayer.
Dofus runs a server where every character suffers permanent death upon defeat on any single combat.
DartMUD was started in 1991 with permanent death as a specific design decision. Characters may obtain rare 'soul amulets' to enable later reincarnation, and characters dying without such an amulet may be resurrected if healed before their body rots away.
Discworld MUD has circumstantial permanent death - characters begin with seven lives, which can be replaced in-game, but a player who dies with no lives remaining cannot be revived. PvP deaths do not reduce a player's life total.
Armageddon has featured permanent death almost from its inception, circa 1991.
BatMUD Hardcore has featured permanent death using a separate copy of the 'normal' server which opened in 2000. This was heavily inspired by Diablo II hardcore.
Lost Souls has circumstantial permanent death, with a store of replenishable lives that, if exhausted, leaves the character unable to be revived.
In Wurm Online, high level priests can choose to become Champions of their gods. While this makes them much more powerful, if they die three times, the character will permanently die. [Not Anymore]
In Cantr II, if a character dies, they cannot be revived in any fashion. A player is allowed to have several characters but each one starts with a blank slate and they cannot inherit memories or items from each other.
Similarly, in Darkwind, permanent death is employed, and players each control a team of characters. Characters also age, so that after about 30 in-game years they start to lose physical strength until they die of old age and accumulated wear-and-tear.
Permadeath is a defining feature of the multiplayer online game Realm of the Mad God, although in 2011, valuable amulets were added to the game which can save a character from death once before shattering."


Here's MORE proof why permadeath is UNPOPULAR

"Multiplayer games no longer featuring permanent death
Everquest had a special rules server called Discord for a brief period starting in December 2003 that featured permanent death.
Star Wars Galaxies had permadeath for Jedi characters for a short period, but later eliminated it.[8]
Sacred featured hardcore gameplay on ClosedNet servers only, which were shut down on February 1, 2009.
Hellgate London featured a permanent death mode for characters.[25] NamcoBandai games shut down the servers on January 31, 2009 but are making a comeback worldwide according to press release by Hanbisoft. The new name will be Hellgate: Resurrection.[26]
Gemstone IV featured a system in which permanent death happened if the character did not obtain favor in the form of "deeds" with the Goddess of death, Lorminstra, but this has been removed. If the character dies and is not resurrected by a cleric, the character will decay and meet Lorminstra after a period of time. Under the permanent death system, if the character had deeds, Lorminstra would guide the character back to life in a new body, with all of the character's equipment and free of wounds, but not of scars, and receive an experience penalty. If the character did not have deeds, Lorminstra would guide the character to his permanent resting place. Now, if the character does not have deeds, they will just receive a larger experience penalty than the one for characters with deeds.
Face of Mankind also claimed to have permadeath, but it did provide automatic respawning for dead characters via 'clone insurance', which was available for a trivial in-game fee. Characters also started with three free clones, more of which could be purchased very cheaply, so permadeath only occurred when players made an effort to use it to delete their characters, as no other option for character deletion was provided.
Sierra's Middle-earth Online (in 1999) planned to include permanent character death as a risk posed in certain encounters.[13] Development on this game halted and the rights later passed to Turbine, who released Lord of the Rings Online without permadeath in 2007.
The Survival Test and Indev versions of Minecraft featured permadeath. This feature is now optional.[27]"

Notice the big name mmos/games? Yeah they removed permadeath because it's UNPOPULAR with mainstream players. Case proven.

Resetting hero to lvl1 is akin to permadeath already. why level it when you know it's doomed to die and it sucks up army str/slots? And hey, it's a singular unit- big deal. i'm pretty sure DEVS already agree on no HERO Resets on death because it's common sense....

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