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Old 01-10-2012, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by szebus View Post
If want Dragons so badly, there should be a Dragon race and this way other races can buy as many Dragons they like from NPC towns without bothering if they die or not period
ooooooh yeah lol that is the spot for me lol

Sorry I would love to for dragons to be more apart of the game somehow then an epicly rare creature you never see. The idea of dragons being a super troop that is rarely seen has been overdone to death in games.

Not to mention if it is this super huge rare uber unit in later lvls then it will be those that have massive amounts of time to make those units and instead of armies of dragons vs army of dragons it will an army of super dragons wiping out casual players till they call foul enough that those new dragons get nerfed.

Ballance does need to be maintained and I agree 100% inflation is bad. Always the thing of becareful what you wish for.

It was mentioned before about allowing only one dragon per army and that to me sounded great. If people did not like how many dragons their own nation had that was what the discard feature is for. (although i would say depending on dragon ie dragon points )
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