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Originally Posted by buddhist23 View Post
....that kills the purpose of the hero...
Hero can be used for questing and playing alone and hope in the future doing quests with youre friends.

Originally Posted by buddhist23 View Post
And yeah..the game does sorta forces you to pvp /w hero..if someone just happens to pvp don't get to change your army- oh wait a second, let me switch out my hero!. Unless...your willing to pay the payout prob.
And what is the problem of paying them out ? You don't want to pvp with hero, you make another army (remember you can have 5 full armies) with lower strength, fewer units and the hero to do quests and after the units reach higher lvls and also your strength gets higher, you can always transfer them to the bigger battalion what you use to PVP and make new units for the Hero's quest army. Huh ? This game is not Saga or AoE:O and army creation has a reason in the game. Or would you like to have a Player LVL in the game that forbids You to pvp with other players if you are not their LVL and if you get their LVL and your not that good, to don't have fun in the game by getting attacked by only experienced players ? I know it sounded like it is now, and you'll say that we are already beaten by experienced players, but hey you have the possibility to lover army strength and not getting involved, or getting dragged in to pvp much less.

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