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Old 01-10-2012, 05:56 AM
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Originally Posted by andreicde View Post
d... I'd still go for something like ''proud owner of dragon give at 2011 halloween and 2011 christmas''...
We could have a tag in the profile where it says "Proud owner of a Christmas Dragon or Halloween Dragon or Rabbit Dragon" and when the die "Proudly owned a ..." but seriously the tag could be mad in the profile under an achievements section ...

Originally Posted by Neinth View Post
I voted 3.
same here

Originally Posted by Neinth View Post
Only thing I would change is the conditions of death,in pve have them respawn,in pvp have them die,if thats possible
Yes, yes, that would be the way.

Originally Posted by Neinth View Post
Other than that,kill em,kill em all
Burn them, burn the Dragons with their own firebreath.

Originally Posted by Neinth View Post
Edit: if revive stays you could just rename the game,dragon wars has a ring to it
Why bother building up an army and doing quests if we can have a game with instant Dragon fights ? We could just have a game where you get some dragons for every holiday and even for our birthday and then battle them against other Dragons. If want Dragons so badly, there should be a Dragon race and this way other races can buy as many Dragons they like from NPC towns without bothering if they die or not period
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