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Old 01-10-2012, 01:52 AM
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Neinth is someone to look uptoNeinth is someone to look upto

I voted 3.

Only thing I would change is the conditions of death,in pve have them respawn,in pvp have them die,if thats possible

Also against epicly strong,I think maybe some slight increases in their armour values would be enough.After you get up past 1k dmg theres not much that can withstand them already,barring hero or anouther dragon,and hero doesnt have that good of a chance.

Would also love to see lowered arrow protection while flying.

Other than that,kill em,kill em all

I say this,while building a dragon army myself lmao

And rather smart idea re-doing this one,though suprized the revive is winning atm

Edit: if revive stays you could just rename the game,dragon wars has a ring to it
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