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Originally Posted by knightl View Post
a agree there writing stories is hard as hell and continuing them is even harder because you use all your ideas on the first one.

OFT: you think this is bad he made a whole thread about me i felt so special

edit: check this work of art and comments, the majority of the posts made by some people are generally one liners that cannot be discussed
nothing to say about your genius comment? I'll post it here again, "and btw dude read my response to you, you wanted me to brake my sentence down into more than one but you just said it can't be broken more please stop trolling" ( note to you: you were talking about your own words, not mine, gj )

You are a bad community member as well as ingame. You think people forget? No, people don't. Again, you throw the term "Troll" around as if your a preschooler. Hope you still feel special.