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Old 01-09-2012, 06:33 PM
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Default What should happen to Dragons when they die?

Last poll worked out, but now we have inflation of dragons so its time for another change and another poll. lets clear the slates here.

Currently, if Dragons die in battle they do not really die, they just lie down until the end of the battle and get resurrected/respawn after battle to be used endlessly like your town's Hero, but there skills and levels are reset.
This has sparked much debate with these two main augments on both sides:

1. People have complained about losing a dragon that they just bought and lost a total of 10$ in wealth purchased.

2. With endless lives Dragons can be suicide machines rushing into battle to cause as much damage as possible before dying, this promotes reckless commanding without much player skill involved to be victorious. it also spawns a greater unfair advantage to players who can not afford or have the time to get a Dragon. With accumulating wealth due to victorious armies using dragons they are able to buy more dragons making Dragon Armies that can not be lost, they can lose, but don't die off.

3.New Additional Augment in 2012: Inflation of Dragons.

Dragons' population has seen 100% inflation rate with no way to deflate the population as they can never die. The population of dragons is simply exploding and many players have dragon armies that are immune to any sort of actual loss in pvp battles.

Possible changes to dragons include:

Dragons Respawn if level 5 or less. After the dragon gets to level 6 it changes to a dragon that can die and wont ever come back.
Dragons will be Buffed in higher levels. Higher level Dragons will be Epicly strong and be able to turn the tide of battle earning you more Wealth, but if you lose him after level 5. hes gone forever. Event Dragons will receive massive buff and be killable as well, but they will return every year for that season, Haunter Dragon for Halloween and Ice Dragon for X-mas.

Possible addition to #1.
The Loot from Players' dragons (not npc dragons from Sssilistra), when they die, will give Wealth/influance upto 50-75% of what the dragon is worth. This means if a royal dragon dies, the person who wins the battle earns 60-90 wealth from the dead dragon and it is gone for ever. This also means the enemy can profit from your loss and adds a element of gambling in bringing dragons into battle.
Workers will be banned from corpse looting dragons and only the winner(s) of the battle will get it after battle. We may add a tick for Dragon's Level to effect the wealth effects so a level 60 will give alot more wealth than a level 6 (seen as level 5 and lower dont die...)

Keep it the way it is. If he dies, all levels and skill reset, start over at level 1, lose all skill! Lower leveled dragons will be weaker over time. Warning: this option has effects of 100% inflation rate as dragons will never die and their population will forever increase, dragons will not be rare but very common.
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