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Old 01-09-2012, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Neinth View Post
- free, respawnable but loses LVL when dies.
Have said it alot,i like the hero reseting at lvl 1.

- customizable (how it looks) not only at the begining of the game (free), but later on in heroes house (cost wealth);
Of course,Hero customization is a great idea

- buildings: Heroes House (used for respawning , upgrades and customization);
This got me to thinking of a customizable house,could put trophies and acheivements inside it,make it veiwable/changeable interior.exterior.

- research: archery (the Hero can use a bow like archers and automatically switch to sword without shield in close combat)
I know orc hero has a bow/sword,and that female wardens have ranged and melee attack,not sure we'd need a skill for this,but just to add ranged attacks to the hero's,and add toggled ranged/melee stance,and i am all for this,cuz i like my wardens.

-mount (the Hero gets the ability to spawn a mount and fight as its race best mounted units)
Mounts are a great idea,nothing wrong with a hero on a horse/warg/unicorn,should provide extra stamina maybe,lowered defence against pikemen

Dragon riders and slayers,not so much in agreement with.People would expect to be able to level the dragon and the hero seperately,would say lets see what happens with dragons before considering this.
I actually disagree with hero reseting to lvl 1 since people can easily target him on PURPOSE to make you level him again. So just no. The grinding to get to 60 is annoying anyway.
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