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The Silvan Order does not deem itself as Good or Evil.

If there is a God of Justice that enforces his Laws on those who walk in this World.
We shall Slay it.
If there is a God of Doom that brings Chaos to those who life on this Earth.
We shall Slay it.

Long before the World knew Kingdoms.
Long before the World knew Tribes.

When the Gods Fought Wars using the Four Oldest Races of the World
Humans, Elves, Giants and Dwarfes.
The God Silvanos stood against his own kin and Descended from Heaven to Earth.
Bringing the 4 Races a Gift of Freedom.
Granting them the Power to Defy the Gods.

Thus the Silvan Order was Founded under the Fallen God Silvanos.
Standing tall to Fight not for the Gods and not for Paradise But for themself!
For a World were Fate was not Determined by the Gods but by the Peoples Own actions.

The Cruel and Long War Began.
For over 300 Years the Battles Lasted.
Leaving nothing but Scorched Earth and Fields of Death behind.

The Tables had Turned Slowly.
But when the Silvan Order leading the 4 Races believed in Victory.
The Gods swallowed their Pride.
And Showed their Limitless Power.
Bringing Wrath down to Earth.

Armys of those who had Fallen in Battles long Ago and Standing up even if Pierced trough their Hearts.
Tall Men Armored in their Fur Fast and Strong lusting for Battle.
Monsters as Tall as two Grown Men and 10 times as Strong.
and Creatures Clad in Colored Scales Breathing Fire.

Thats when Silvanos Used his own Life.
To form a Seal.
Bound to the 4 Kings of the Races

Sacrificing himself He Seperated Heaven from Earth.
Preventing the Gods from Interfering with the World.

After another 100 Years of War the 4 Races Won.
And the Foul Armys that the Gods Created Solely to bring War.
Scattered all over the World.

When the Undead were Annihilated.
The Dragons were the First to abandon the Gods and follow their Own Instincts
The Ogres without someone to Lead simply Scattered having no will of their Own they lived like Animals in the Wilderness.
Only the Orcs vowed to Bring back the Gods.

An Age of Peace of Arrived.
And it lasted long.
The Silvan Order preserved.
Protecting their Lords Legacy and Serving his Cause knowing he will Watch over them.
And in sure Faith that they shall Return to his Side when they have Fullfilled their Duty.

But the Orders Contracts with the Old Races have been long Forgotten.
The Giants vanished and the Dwarfes retreatet deep into the Earth.
Humans and Elves no longer regarded each other as Allys.

The Kings of the Realms were Slain
and few Remain that know the True Upcoming of this World.
Wizards move about the World preparing for something.

And even if just slightly the Orcish Priests found a way to bypass the Seals and receive Orders and Powers from the Gods.
They bought back the Ogres and Goblins to their Armys.
and have already startet to amass the Hordes.

The Dragons became Active again.
And nobody Knows what they sheme.

They have long become Independent from the Gods.
Being Powerful Mystical Creatures with Hundreds Years of Wisdom.

Shall they try to Overthrow the Gods themself.
Or Rallying under their Banner Again.
Nobody but they themself know what lies ahead for their Race.

The Order has Weakened
And with the 4 Races Kings being Dead or Crowned without Knowledge of their Duty.
The Seals have become Unstable.
Allowing small portions of the Gods Power to flow into the World Corrupting it to their Will.

History once more Demands to be Written.
It is your Choice on which side you will Stand.
In the Shadow of the Black Cross. We Fullfill our Duty in your Name.
And Look forward to the Day we Return to your side Silvanos.
Watching over our Comrades as they Fullfill their Duty in your Name.

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