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Main Hero :
- free, respawnable but loses LVL when dies.

- customizable (how it looks) not only at the begining of the game (free), but later on in heroes house (cost wealth);

- buildings: Heroes House (used for respawning , upgrades and customization);

- research: archery (the Hero can use a bow like archers and automatically switch to sword without shield in close combat)
shielder (the Hero can not use the bow while in this stance but gets a shield and an armor boost)
mount (the Hero gets the ability to spawn a mount and fight as its race best mounted units) - if human then the hero becomes a sort of knight, if Orc then a warg rider or how they are called and so on...
eventually Dragon Rider or Dragon Slayer (only one can be researched and cost wealth) - Dragon Rider changes the mount to a dragon one
- Dragon Slayer gives the hero an ability to knock down dragons (it consumes stamina)

Other Heroes :
- costs wealth, can be from any race, but when dies can only be revived for a very limited time (cost 15% wealth of hero original cost) with lvl los, if not revived in time, hero dies forever;

- can not be customized (how it looks) but can select witch hero you like from a random 5 at a time;

- buildings: tavern and heroes house
tavern: the hero can be bought here from 5 random heroes that are from different races with different abilities, like archer hero, shielder hero or mounted hero;
heroes house: where you can revive youre hero for that limited time, maybe other upgrades that affects any hero you own.

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