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Old 01-06-2012, 11:24 AM
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@ Dream - it would really help us if you make a new bug report with screenshots (use F1 key to take a picture, it`s saved in your main Dawn of Fantasy folder, edit it with MS Pain and save as a JPG and attach with your post.) And mention what resolution you are using.

And let me share some ideas we might implement for diplomacy:
-Automated Trade Caravans (similar to how it works in Kingdom Wars), these will be controlled from a new building - Merchant`s Guild in each town. This will require an extended trade agreement with towns.
-AI armies will patrol near towns you are at War with. So when navigating the worldmap with your armies you`ll want to be a good distance away from the towns you are at war with (this will only be field combat against AI armies)
-Every time you lay siege to a town or fight their army - diplomacy stance decreases.
-Right after successfully sieging NPC town you have a 2 minute window to offer a peace agreement which they will accept.
-With 3-4 towns for each race you can increase your standing with them through quests.
-Trading with the town increases standing by 1 for each 5,000 in goods exchanged.
-Mercenary unit markets only available if you are allied with the town
-If you are allied with the town you get 15% cost reduction for all services and prices
-If you attack villages/garrisons in View mode or players in PvP of the same region it slowly decreases your standing in this region.
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