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Originally Posted by Dreamwalker View Post
Muhahahaha! This should be fun.

By the way: are you guys going to fix the problem with playing on small resolutions any time soon? As I've said before, a lot of the buttons on the world map get squished behind each other (so I can't do pvp, for example). I know it's not the most important thing in the world (and I always could play on a different resolution), but I'm just wondering.

edit: ok, I checked out the diplomacy. But shouldn't cities' attitude towards you be affected by more than just gifts? I'm thinking that for a starter, why not have quests affect diplomacy? I'm not talking about new quests; I'm just saying that if you do a bunch of quests for the leader of a city, they would be friendlier towards you in diplomacy. And I don't know, but maybe in the future, your NPC allies might ask you to defend them from an attacking NPC/human player; your NPC ally would of course be happier towards you.
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