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Old 01-05-2012, 03:15 PM
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Neinth is someone to look uptoNeinth is someone to look upto

By all legal definitions,yes i am quite crazy,get a check each month to prove it.

Gold decay rates capped at like 50ish,easily get 3-5k per quest,not including loot.If you include looting the dead bodies,that number jumps up rather high.

I would rather pay an insane ammount than have people running around with a crapton of non-killable units.My personal dragons,they lose their fun because there is no risk involved with useing them.Seen many people during the ice promo say the Ice dragon itself sort of ruined their fun,way over powered at such an early stage(still thank you for it)

Since we are on topic of dragons,would suggest flying lowering their protection from arrows and the likes,so that i cant just fly a high level dragon right ontop of the npc's hero's and win within 2 minutes.Make flying a stance instead of a skill,allow to use firewall/fireball while flying,but much lowered damage reductions.Flying could reduce stamina like hide does,or formations for the orcs does.

I also noted that they should have a method of reviving with wealth,as game is a one time investment,i wouldnt mind seeing something like that in the market,as long as there was a method of reviving without wealth as well,preferably something that was inline with the resource wealth costs in market.

And lastly,the level rest on the dragon is a great idea,i think they should do it with the hero's as well.Permanant units need to be controlled,their loss shouldnt be meaningless.When you use them,them being permanant units,you should go above and beyond to protect them.Besides if they had an high revive cost,you'd be much more careful with them,as would everyone.

I can see your the excitable sort though ,so will attempt to be more conservative in future posts :>

On a side note,have you tried putting all your gold in one spot,would see the decay rate,and by using ingame methods you can negate that rate rather easily.Sort of your fault for spreding it out and paying multiple decay rates when you dont have to.