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Originally Posted by szebus View Post
Not yet, it was only a Dwarven invasion that affected NPC towns by having them occupied by Dwarven military and gave to the player some Dwarven units. Those units were a sort of promo and the story behind them was that not every dwarves liked the massacre their race is doing in Mythador and they tried to stop and back the invasion by joining Mythador Elven, Orcish and Human forces. We don't know (or I was not paying attention) why the Dwarves where driven out of their caves and invaded Mythador, but for sure they were bad ass until our joined forces draw them back to their caves. For now, peace, if you can call it that way the war between the 33 main races, is re installed to Mythador until another menace is coming and we can allie our forces together and defend our beloved homes and Cities (NPC towns controlled by player alliances that will be implemented, I hope so).

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drawves were supposedly one of the races planned for release and he thought he was missing something
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