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Old 12-31-2011, 12:36 PM
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Neinth is someone to look uptoNeinth is someone to look upto

Btw no hpbug after reset,figured i;d mention that,so possible extra skill points causeing the hp bug?

So here goes,dragon relog a few times,has 57 distributable points,retaining the ones spent already.Already well on his wak to beefcakieness again.

Hero rest his skill distrobution as well on first relog,got the screens attached for that.Before shows what his stats looked like before,after is what he looked like when i relogged,not even in same place,and used is what he looks like after skill points are used.

Everything except attack and hp are maxed in before and used,but before has had more skillpoints put into him.

I have unit bugs all over the place,makeing it unfair to pvp with any slot.While storming a npc castle with some ladders and my hero is fun and all,it does lose its joy after about one castle.Can simply fly a bugged dragon to the hero of an npc city,and win before timer for reinforcements hit's 13:00.Can fill a city with unicorns and pwn anyone that comes near cuz their str's way off(unicorns 0 str value,but can be nasty when lvled)Can jion a pvp city with enchanters,start out as a fair fight and just spawn a crapton of seige gear and win easily.Have maxed skill point lvl 5 and under units.

I have been trying to test these,reproduce them,and post them so they can be fixed,I even tried to use an ogre army because I couldnt get them to bug ingame,till i relogged and they all disapeared.Happens every time,ogres dont have the "de-level" issue,since their one unit sqauds,but since you cant keep em....and treants,but really really hard to win a fight with just treants :>

As far as i can tell patch 1.1.5c basically screwed units much more so than they where before.IMO it should have been rolled back,but with the holidays and all,least i keep telling myself its because of the holidays.It is because of the holidays right?I mean,just say yes.....

If you guys could see your way to fix this on just one slot.Anyways sorry for rant,but have to get it out every now and then :>
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