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Old 12-31-2011, 11:54 AM
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Neinth is someone to look uptoNeinth is someone to look upto

This goes with the hpbug and the skill points bug posted previosly for the ice dragon.And possbilly hero resets as well.

I left him in city when i relogged,logged back on today,and his skills where reset to 0,with appropriate ammount of skill points to dsitrubute back again(but when i logged off he had those 54 already),so right now,hes not "bugged",as i write this I am restarting cleint,to see if he gains the 54 skill points for being lvl 19 again,while holding those I just distributed.He logged on with 4 extra points this time,not as bad as the full 54 he was getting though.

The reason i think this is important,is it may explain why hero's keep resetting.I noticed yesterday some lvl 8 archers I bought from thorndale,took them into a quest,distributed points,then put them into my human city,and they appear as they have had not points spent with none available.

My human hero goes in and out of the city alot to talk to the knight for quests,he reset yesterday from lvl 37 to lvl 1.My elf hero rarely visits his city,no need to,and he hasnt reset entire time since i started this city,and hes lvl 47.

Just thinking,these things point to logging out with hero in city is cause of the hero resets.I would test this theory with my elf guy,but really,you know how long it takes to get a hero lvled......But in interest of getting this fixed suppose i should.