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Old 12-29-2011, 01:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Seiyorah View Post
I'm pretty aggravated with the download links you provide, but can you please PM me the link? I can provide PoP if needed. One thing I plead: Please provide a Downloader that can allow us to not have to use a damn browser to download 2.6 gb worth of Data.

Or even better, provide a .torrent. I understand obvious concerns, but something needs to be done about that, imo.

Oh well, whatever. Can you please send me the download link? It crashed at 15%. At 200kbps.
it is not reverie's side thats causing the problem and if you know anything about torrents it only goes fast if there was enough people seeding their bandwidth which means everyone would have to be seeding it for you and we would have to re-download and everyone would leave it on taking up our DL when we're playing so one person gets it easier.

aka: its not their fault this is alot simpler

heres the link anyway
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