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Old 12-27-2011, 04:42 AM
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Neinth is someone to look uptoNeinth is someone to look upto

Some units no longer showing info when you select them,all npc's,attachment is a cropped screen shot of an example,see with rangers,archers,pheasants so far,every time their the single instance of the unit instead of a full sqaud of them.

Unicorns can put points into foritude,but those points are not registed,so stays to 0% but points are lost.str and agility work correctly though.

Ice dragons have 3% base crushing resistance,seemed an odd number since most are in multiples of 5,figured i;d mention it see if its intended or not.

Deer in elven cities are invulnerable unless your being attacked,can grab some marauders and have them harvest food,and level them that way without ever fighting them in an army,I got a set up to lvl 16 without ever actually using them.But if your city comes under seige,deer are no longer superdoe,killed all my poor deer in one volley from the marauders,good laugh.

Alchemy buildings are drainign stone like they have a fetish,each research on them says Stone/gold preservation saves food,which makes no sense,and the numbers per minute become way off when using alchemy,if you stay logged on long enough,will say like 5000 per minute,though you dont actually receive it.<---not sure this is a balancing issue,also its possible walls saying their building even after their all finished may be drainign the stone,but this has only Happened when using alchemy labs for me
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